もしも誰かの元へ 君が歩きはじめたら 居てもたってもいられないよ 今すぐこの腕で強く 君を抱きしめたくて この想いは僕の口を離れる 息を吸って吐き出す 言葉は幾度もため息に変わるけど 伝えたい言葉はただひとつだけ 好きだよ

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 僕の告白....
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When Matsui Rena had first joined AKB’s senbatsu, she roomed with Itano Tomomi, but she stayed in the corner of their room messing with her phone, actually sad. Itano, who was talking to other members suddenly began to talk about melon pan loudly, and suddenly said “Rena, you like melon pan, don’t you?” and tried to get her to join the circle.

Moved by her kindness, Rena tried to thank her on her blog, but Itano just said “I didn’t try to do that, we’re friends. You’re part of us”

Rena cried.

An example of Tomochin’s kindness. (via 48-family)


oooh another rare pic of Rena & Tomochin ^_^

Senbatsu Wallpaper by RyMomoSize: 1366x768


Jurina☆Life: Translation of Tokyo Sport Article (20.07.2013)



This article was written by Tokyo Sport writer based on their opinion and what they have heard from AKB48 staffs. Neither Mariko or Jurina has admitted that the title of this article is true. But we decided to translate this since we know many people are curious on this topic.


Shimazaki Haruka winning speech translation

Paruru: "I'm Team B's Shimazaki Haruka, I sincerely thank you very much. I am standing here, because I was given a lot of chances during this 1 year and because a lot of persons have been supporting me during this year. Having received this rank, I would be happy, if I can be at least a bit of a support for AKB48 from now on. I love AKB48. Thank you very much."
MC: "Haruka-san? I can imagine, standing there right now in front of that mic, that you are quite exited, but when you take a deep breath, don't you have more to say/tell?
Paruru: (...)
MC: "Nothing?" (audience laughs)
MC: "ok then... can you remeber what you wanted to say? You can't?"
Woman-MC: "She really has her own way of doing things."
MC: "What do you think of the fact, that you ranked lower than on the first day announcement? What do you think of your rank?"
Paruru: "I couldnt get into senbatsu last year so I'm really... what is it... ?"
MC: "Are you completely satisfied with your rank?"
Paruru: (nodding) "Yes."
MC: "I understand."
Woman-MC: "Did you understand her?"
MC: "It's the eternal pressure (on you). Congratulations! That was Shimazaki Haruka."

「なんてったって、栄ドル」 The Frog: Matsui Rena ameblo 2013/06/09 00:10:27


Rena (Thank ・ω・you!)

Rena speaking

Concert at Nissan stadium, elections, everything ended up without incident.
I have a lot of feelings I want to share with everyone so I’ll probably end up writing a lot today.

Elections are probably in the minds of everyone.
This year I was granted this 7th…